Mistress Geo by Sardax

Professional Bristol-based dominatrix

I am Mistress Geo Pinch, a lifestyle dominatrix from the Antipodes who has chosen Bristol as my place to live and practice the fine arts of bondage, discipline, domination and submission and SM.

As a professional, I own my premises, which are exclusively for my use and enjoyment. These consist of two completely separate session rooms: one is a specially designed and purpose-built BDSM studio, the other a domestic room for lighter activities and most role-play scenarios. My premises are absolutely private and discreet, and there is ample safe, free parking in the immediate vicinity.

My premises reflect my rich experience and my personal approach to domination; over many years’ involvement in the scene in four countries I have acquired extensive expertise in my chosen practices and I conduct myself professionally and to high standards of etiquette. I pay close attention to detail and I abide by the international BDSM code of safe, sane and consensual.

A mature, curvy dominant female

Now for a little more about me personally: I am a mature, full-figured and curvy dominant female who enjoys wearing fully fashioned seamed stockings, suspender belts, corsets, hats, leather, and killer heels. I would describe myself as an elegant and sophisticated woman who enjoys the classic retro-dominant look.

I work with the mind and imagination of those I dominate as much as their physical being, and while I do not offer sexual services of any kind, I pride myself in delivering a sensual experience where this is appropriate. My principal specialties are CBT; nipple torment; sensation play and sensory deprivation; bondage and discipline; electrical play; feminisation; shoe/boot worship; corporal punishment; spanking and role-play.

This website is my second site, dedicated to my practices and scene activities in and around Bristol as a professional, Bristol-based mistress. Enjoy this site, and for more detailed information please visit my main site (see this site’s Contact page for link).


I often attend SWAMP (second Sunday of the month) and occasionally get along to the Bristol Munch (first Saturday of the month).












Important notice

As of February 2019 I am no longer making appointments for anyone I have not seen before. This means I am not catering for newcomers, but only for those whom I have already seen and have established a working rapport. For further information, please see my News item of 12 February 2019 on my main site: IMPORTANT: (a) significant dates, (b) no longer accepting newcomers.

Taking (leather) strides together

Some visitors to this site might remember that for the last few years I have attended the Bristol Gay Pride march in the city centre. With all that’s happening in terms of greater public recognition of BDSM – due in some part to the popular success of the Fifty Shades books and, recently, the film – I thought it appropriate to reflect on the parallels between the BDSM community and the gay community.

Gay people have historically been persecuted in this and other so-called civilised countries, and they have had to fight for their rights. Homosexuality was not decriminalised in England and Wales until 1967, and even then there were conditions attached which, if transgressed, would still amount to criminal behaviour (such restrictions were not lifted until 2000, and then through the European Court of Human Rights).

Persecution, blackmail, brutality and discrimination at multiple levels of everyday life and work were the norm; unfortunately, they are still too prevalent today and that is why anti-discrimination laws have been passed. It’s also why British police forces, including Avon and Somerset Police, have LGBT liaison (or "Diversity”) units. So I wasn’t surprised that I made the acquaintance of two of these officers at Bristol Pride a couple of years ago: Constable Dan Moulden and Sergeant Helen Riddell. Besides giving me their cards, we had a very good chat, and Dan gave me his camera to take photos of him standing with the LeatherWest leathermen who were tending their information stall. To respect Constable Moulden’s privacy I am not using those pictures on my websites, but that’s me you can see below, standing with the LeatherWest guys, the photo taken by Dan Moulden (I still have the pictures of Constable Moulden, and his and Sergeant Riddell’s cards).

But the BDSM community must be vigilant, as discrimination is still rife. And that’s why we also have campaign and advocacy organisations, such as Backlash (with solicitor-advocate and sexual-politics campaigner extraordinaire Myles "Obscenity Lawyer” Jackman), who have coordinated and funded a number of successful, landmark legal defences of BDSM practitioners who had fallen foul of less understanding elements of various police forces and the Crown Prosecution Service. That’s why I’m very happy to support and promote Backlash and others who put in the work and make a difference, and I’m pleased they know this. See the Links page on my main website for information about and links to these groups.

Mistress Geo